Health conditions

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30 października 2015

Among the most frequent causes of disability are diseases of locomotive organs, circulatory system and neurological illnesses. The comparatively lower percentage of disabilities related to hearing and eyesight organs impairment, mental illness and mental retardation in the population of disabled people is a problem that still affects lives of thousands of people in need for a special attention in education, in labour market and in everyday life.

According to Labour Force Survey in Poland, almost 28.3% of disabled persons aged 15 and more had a disability certificate (or equivalent) and 40.9 % of them had a certificate of moderate degree of disability (or equivalent) and 30.8% of minor degree of disability. There is a smaller percentage of persons with severe disability among the disabled people of working age, while the percentage of persons with minor disability is higher. Those figures are 21,4%, 42,7% and 35,9% respectively.

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