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The Polish Council of Sign Language

What is this?

The Polish Council of Sign language is an advisory body attached to the minster competent for labour and social security issues and it is a forum of cooperation of representatives of government bodies, the local government units and non-governmental organization acting in favour of people with hearing impairment. The Council operates under the act on sign language and other means of communication (Dz. U. z 2011 r. nr 209, poz. 1243).

The scope of activity of the Council includes:

  1. Adopting recommendations aiming at proper use of the sign language,
  2. Disseminating and promotion of the knowledge of sign language by supporting initiatives that promote solutions for the benefit of people with hearing disabilities and those who are disseminating solutions that support communication.
  3. Drafting opinions related to the act on sign language and other means of communication and drafting opinions on government documents regarding position of people with hearing impairment,
  4. Indicating proposals of solutions having impact on life of entitled persons, including solutions related to the use of Polish Sign Language, Sign Supported Polish and Deafblind Communication Systems.

According to the act of 19 August 2011 on sing language and other means of communication, on 29 November the Minister of Labour and Social Policy appointed the Polish Council of Sign Language.

Members of the Polish Council Of Sign Language:

In the accordance with the provision 20 of act on sign language and other means of communication, the Government Plenipotentiary for Disabled People is also a member of the Council.

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